USCSC Chaplaincy Training:

Olympian/Paralympian Tract

USCSC offers a significant way in which Olympians/Paralympians can give back to US Olympic Sports. They are some of the best people to address faith-based needs of their peers after experiencing the Olympic culture for themselves. The Olympic experience is a utopia of its own, and when shared among peers, there is a relational thread of understanding that takes place. USCSC takes this thread and strengthens its support system by professionally training Olympians/Paralympians to care for one another. USCSC is not set up for placement distribution of Chaplains, but prepares one for selection on US teams when called upon. 2018-2019 was the inaugural year for USCSC Olympic Chaplaincy training. Below, find the explanation on how to earn certification as a professional sport chaplain at the Olympic level.


(2) One-week Modular Intensives of (6) 50-minute sessions per day

(1) Post-Intensive Supervised Practicum includes: (10) Individual Verbatim Interviews with athletes or coaches. (5) Bible Study group meetings.

Course Description:

Participants will attend a one-week intensive residential session each year for two years. They will engage in sixty hours of classroom instruction. Courses will cover Biblical principles, pastoral care, sports psychology and theology, ethics, the history of Olympic Chaplaincy, soul care for multi-faith and other related topics. Safe Sport will be offered which is USOPC mandated. First responder training for USCSC chaplains will be offered in a 14-hour, two-day session by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. This course prepares our chaplains for responsibilities during trauma, disaster and terrorism. They will learn how to assist medical teams, enforcement officers and staff during critical stress situations.

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