Sports Auction- Tulsa, Oklahoma

Who: USCSC (the United States Council for Sports Chaplaincy), guided by Dr. Madeline Manning Mims, has developed a comprehensive program to academically and professionally train Olympians/Paralympians to serve as sport chaplains for Team USA. USCSC is a non-profit organization, benefitting our future USA Teams; See our website at

What: Auction item DONATIONS are needed from YOU, an Olympian/Paralympian; Autographed sports memorabilia is needed with a short description of the item. Tax-deductible contributions are welcomed as well. Your contribution as a member of the Olympic/Paralympic community will impact Team USA indirectly by directly impacting sport chaplains as well as future Olympians and Paralympians.

Why: Your donation will help finance our second-year alumni students in training. This is the inaugural class for USCSC, and we are excited to complete the final year of training for this class and launch them into their sports chaplaincy roles with Team USA! (read more below)

When and Where: June 1, 2019 is the deadline for receiving donated item(s). The Sports Auction will be held June 21, 2019, 6pm CST at The Lark in Tulsa, Dr. Mims’ city of residence. Mail items to … USCSC, PO Box 419, Tulsa, OK 74101-0419; or for UPS deliveries … 14711 E 36th Place, Tulsa, OK 74134

Through USCSC, Olympic and Paralympic Alumni are being trained to serve other Olympians and Paralympians during competition through “Pastoral Care” as sport chaplains.

USCSC offers a two-year academic graduate program to certify trained chaplains. These chaplains will give back to their Olympic/Paralympic sport to empower the performance of athletes and team members during competition. The whole-person concept of spirit, mind, and body has, in the past, overlooked the empowerment of one’s faith which brings purpose to what is offered athletically and in life. Alumni, specifically those who have applied and been accepted into the training program, share the “Olympic experience” with those whom they serve.  They are willing to fill the need of chaplaincy, enhancing the Olympic and Paralympic movement for Team USA. Thus, we ask you to get involved, as well, by helping your fellow alumni help Team USA via USCSC.


Thank you for caring as well,

Dr. Madeline Manning Mims

9-Time Olympic Chaplain

4-Time Olympian, Track & Field

Gold & Silver Medalist

USCSC Chaplaincy Training:

Olympian/Paralympian Tract

USCSC offers a significant way in which Olympians/Paralympians can give back to US Olympic Sports. They are some of the best people to address faith-based needs of their peers after experiencing the Olympic culture for themselves. The Olympic experience is a utopia of its own, and when shared among peers, there is a relational thread of understanding that takes place. USCSC takes this thread and strengthens its support system by professionally training Olympians/Paralympians to care for one another. USCSC is not set up for placement distribution of Chaplains, but prepares one for selection on US teams when called upon. 2018 and 2019 is the inaugural year for Olympic Chaplaincy training. Below, you will find the 2018 and 2019 explanation of how you will earn certification as a professional sport chaplain at the Olympic level.


(2) One-week Intensives of (6) 50-minute sessions per day

(1) Post-Intensive Supervised Practicum in a major sports chaplaincy setting, e.g., an international residential competition, national championships, world qualifying championships, Olympic trials, etc.

Course Description:

First, participants will attend two one-week intensive residential sessions (2018 and 2019) where they will engage in sixty hours of classroom instruction. The first year will cover the Bible, pastoral care, sports psychology and theology, ethics, the history of Olympic Chaplaincy, and other related topics. Afterward, participants will need to complete a thirty-hour supervised placement in an actual sports chaplaincy situation. They will need to have (10) one-hour individual pastoral conversations, lead (5) one-hour bible studies and have (15) one-hour supervisions to review their work in each of the previous chaplaincy activities.

Go to “Registration Form” to fill out the information needed to apply for training. Space is limited for the first and second year sessions in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and other Major Sporting Events. Expediency is appreciated.

Next Steps...

If you are interested in participating in the Chaplaincy training program, follow the "Registration Form" link.