Finally, the United States Council for Sports Chaplaincy (USCSC) is offering its Inaugural Biblical Instructional Training Program to Olympians and Paralympians who want to give back to the U.S. Olympic movement through Sport Chaplaincy. We are preparing potential Sport Chaplains to serve Team USA at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Two training sessions are required for certification and will begin in the Fall of 2018 and 2019.

The purpose of USCSC is to develop an instructional training program that would offer a professional aspect to Olympians and Paralympians who have completed their career and desire the opportunity to give back by taking care of their own through chaplaincy. They are well qualified to fill a chaplaincy position requested by athletes and coaches desiring their services. They have been a part of the Olympic/Paralympic culture—a utopia of its own—and just need the biblical pastoral care training that we are offering to fulfill their desire to serve. Each National Governing Body (NGB) should have access to a professionally trained sport chaplain serving their sport. Olympians and Paralympians are thus our priority for training.

It has been a long, arduous journey to get to this place where USCSC, incorporated in 2003, could now realize its vision. Thirty-three years of loyal service to U.S. Teams—which included a doctoral study on Sport Chaplaincy—has proven that there is a legitimate need to serve Team USA at the elite level. For example, these needs include ministering to/addressing the pressures experienced by athletes, coaches, and support staff in their quest to maintain level heads and hearts under extreme duress that makes the difference between success and failure.

It will take a unified effort of financial support to cover the expenses involved in training these Olympic/Paralympic athletes, coaches, and support staff who make themselves available for certification as chaplains in Tokyo. Presently, our goal is to train 25 students who will be paying toward their tuition but will be offered scholarships to complete their instructional training fees. We need to raise $50,000 by July, 2019 as we move forward. I am asking for your help in giving your best tax-deductible donation (EIN:20-0228931).

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We Dare to Care. Thank you for your needed support.

Dr. Madeline Manning Mims

USCSC Founder and President

4-Time Olympian, Gold & Silver Medalist in Track