The USCSC establishes the presence of certified Sport Chaplains whose duty it is to serve the sport community by sharing the love of Jesus through Biblical truth, service and exemplification for the purpose of maximizing their experience in sport and life.

The USCSC certifies Sport Chaplains who are called to nurture and minister through love as directed by Jesus Christ and sought out by the sport community. It is the commitment of the USCSC Sport Chaplain to be open and responsive to the needs of all those in the world of sport; to embrace persons of all faiths as commanded by Christ to love, being all things to all people.


Our Approach

About Us

USCSC is a Christian based not-for-profit organization founded by Dr. Madeline Manning Mims, four-time Olympian, gold and silver medalist in Track. She has volunteered her services as an Olympic chaplain at the last nine Olympiads. Her interest in developing an instructional chaplaincy program at the Olympic and Elite level originated from her involvement as a world-class athlete, and chaplain at the elite level. She has served US teams for the past 33 years in pastoral care among the Multi-Faith and Non-traditional faith community. Her passion is to pass on her knowledge and experience to Olympians and Paralympians called to the field of sport chaplaincy at the elite level.

Our Story

The USCSC Board of Directors consists of Olympians from different sports, educators and businessmen and women dedicated to providing professional sport chaplaincy service to our Olympic and Paralympic teams.

The USCSC instruction program is associated with accredited theological schools. Presently, this program is pioneering the field of sport chaplaincy for elite level athletes and coaches in the United States.

Meet the Board Members

Dr. Madeline Manning Mims

Founding President and CEO
4 Time Olympian, Gold & Silver Medalist in Track, 8 Time Olympic Chaplain

Ashley Null

Chairman of the Board
5 Time Olympic Chaplain
USCSC professor

Kristina KOZnick Landa 

Board Member
3X-Winter Olympian Alpine Skiing

Stephanie Brown Trafton

Board Member
3X-Olympian, Track Gold Medalist

David Marsh

Board Member
4 Time Olympic Coach in Swimming

Danielle R. Scott-Arruda

Board Secretary
5 Time Olympian, 2 Time Silver Medalist in Volleyball

The Rev, Canon, Dr. John Ashley Null

Board Member
USCSC Academic Director
4 Time Olympic Chaplain

Abbey D'Agostino Cooper

Board Member
2016 Olympian in Track & LDR